5 Days Mt Kenya Chogoria Route Down Sirimon

4 Days

Embark on a breathtaking 5-day adventure conquering majestic Mt. Kenya via the Chogoria Route, descending via Sirimon. Experience Kenya’s diverse landscapes: lush forests, alpine meadows, and challenging high-altitude terrain. As you ascend and descend, enjoy stunning panoramic views, unique flora and fauna, and unforgettable memories.

  • 5-Day Adventure: Embark on a thrilling 5-day expedition to conquer the iconic Mt. Kenya.
  • Chogoria & Sirimon Routes: Ascend via the Chogoria Route and descend via the Sirimon Route, experiencing diverse terrains.
  • Diverse Landscapes: Traverse lush forests, alpine meadows, and challenging high-altitude terrain.
  • Panoramic Views: Enjoy stunning vistas as you climb and descend the majestic peak.
  • Unforgettable Memories: Forge lasting memories with every step of this incredible journey.
  • Moderate to high
  • Tented camps along the route, providing a comfortable and authentic mountain experience
  • Point Lenana (4,985 meters / 16,355 feet)


Embark on a breathtaking 5-day adventure to conquer the majestic Mt. Kenya through the Chogoria Route, descending via the Sirimon Route. Your journey begins with the Chogoria Route, leading you through enchanting lush forests that teem with diverse flora and fauna. Traverse the winding trails as you immerse yourself in the vibrant ecosystem, where every step unveils new wonders. As you ascend through the alpine meadows, the landscape transforms, revealing breathtaking panoramas of snow-capped peaks and vast expanses. The high-altitude terrain poses a thrilling challenge, pushing your limits and rewarding your determination with unparalleled views of the surrounding beauty. The crisp mountain air and awe-inspiring vistas create an atmosphere that is both invigorating and humbling. Upon reaching the summit, a sense of accomplishment washes over you, and the stunning panoramic views unfold in every direction. Behold the vastness of Kenya's landscapes, dotted with shimmering lakes and sprawling valleys below. The descent via the Sirimon Route introduces you to a different facet of Mt. Kenya, with its unique terrain and diverse ecosystems. Navigate through rocky terrains and meandering paths, each step bringing you closer to the rich biodiversity that thrives at varying altitudes. Keep a keen eye out for elusive wildlife that calls Mt. Kenya home, from agile mountain goats to colorful bird species. Your descent becomes a serene journey, allowing you to reflect on the remarkable experiences of the past days and absorb the tranquility of the mountain's lower reaches. Throughout this expedition, forge unforgettable memories with fellow adventurers, as shared challenges and triumphs create bonds that withstand the test of time. Whether it's the camaraderie around a campfire, the shared joy of conquering a challenging stretch, or the collective admiration of the mountain's grandeur, the Mt. Kenya adventure promises to be a transformative experience, leaving an indelible mark on your soul.


Visit the market have lunch in hotel before driving in a 4WD vehicle up the rough forest track to the Chogoria gate.
Spend night at Anabas Lodge.
Meal plan: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Explore the Nithi Falls and
Gorge(7km 2hrs) overnight at camp.
Meal plan: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This is a fine location with dramatic views to the summit and
lake Michelson. (5-6hrs 9km. )
Meal plan: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Wake up early in the morning @3 am, 3-4 hrs. attempt point
Lenana for sunrise view at the summit, then descend to shipton camp for
full breakfast, proceed to Oldmosses camp for overnight on bandas. (12km 5-6 hrs)
Meal plan:Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Descend to Sirimoni gate 9 kms, drive to Nanyuki then to Nairobi.
Meal plan: breakfast


What's Included:

  • Airport pick up.
  • Transport from Nairobi to Chogoria with private
  • vehicle.
  • Transport from chogoria to park gate with 4 wheel Land Rover.
  • All park fees, guide, porters, cooks, food, cooking utensils, camping
  • fees, tent.
  • Transport from Sirimon gate to Nanyuki town to Nairobi.

Cost Excludes

  • Basic Personal Equipment:
  • Gaiters,Sleeping mats, Gloves, Sun glasses, Sleeping bag, Hats , Rain
  • suits jacket and trouser, Warm Jacket, walk sticks, mountain boots,
  • Scarf's, Rain Trousers and head torch, Tips.
  • Travel Insurance: Comprehensive travel insurance covering medical emergencies and trip cancellations.
What is the Chogoria Route Down Sirimon trip?

The Chogoria Route Down Sirimon trip is a 5-day trekking adventure on Mount Kenya, one of Africa's highest peaks. The journey begins at Chogoria Gate, traverses through scenic landscapes, and concludes at Sirimon Gate.

How challenging is the trek?

The trek is considered moderate to challenging. Participants should have a good level of fitness and be prepared for varied terrains and changing weather conditions.

What is the altitude gain during the trek?

The trek involves an altitude gain from approximately 2,950 meters (Chogoria Gate) to 3,450 meters (Lake Ellis) and further ascent to Point Lenana at 4,985 meters. Acclimatization is essential to mitigate altitude-related issues.

What meals are provided during the trek?

Nutritious meals are provided, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated with prior notice. Participants are encouraged to bring their own snacks.

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5 Days Mt Kenya Chogoria Route Down Sirimon
  • Moderate to high
  • Tented camps along the route, providing a comfortable and authentic mountain experience
  • Point Lenana (4,985 meters / 16,355 feet)
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